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Meet the Team


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Peter Butler
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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors

MCM has a Board of 11 members who bring fresh perspectives and skills to guide the organization. They are from diverse backgrounds including members of the United Church of Canada, community representatives, as well as people who have benefited in the past from MCM programs. 

Rev. Wendy Evans


MCM Board Chair Wendy Evans

Wendy Evans serves as board chair for Montreal City Mission. She is an ordained minister in The United Church of Canada and has an adjunct faculty role at United Theological College.

Wendy has served in a variety of global justice contexts over the years and is passionate about the ‘heart work’ of relationship building in the justice movement for all creation. 

Royal Orr
Vice President

Former MCM Board Chair Royal Orr

Royal Orr is the former Chair of the Board of MCM and Chair of the Joint Grants Committee of the United Church of Canada Foundation and General Council.


He farms in Hatley, Quebec.

Nicole Ives

Professor Nicole Ives

Nicole Ives is an Associate Professor in the School of Social Work, McGill University and Co-Founder of Indigenous Access McGill.


Dr. Ives’ areas of research include migration issues, particularly refugee resettlement, and Indigenous social work education and Indigenous social and educational policies.


Current research projects include post-secondary education experiences of Indigenous youth; Syrian refugee long-term health outcomes in Canada; integration experiences of refugee claimants in Quebec; and refugee children’s experiences of belonging in a recreational setting.

Logan Littlefield

Saint James United Church Member Logan Littlefield

Logan is a landscape architect and practices at a design firm in Montreal. He is a member of Saint James United Church which shares a close relationship with MCM.


Logan has lived and worked in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, the UK, Lebanon, and South Africa.


He is committed to social justice, the rights of the marginalized, faith-based community work, and ensuring the built and natural environment responds to the needs of a multicultural and multi-faith society. 

Rev. Neil Whitehouse

Westmount Park United Church Minister Neil Whitehouse

Rev. Neil Whitehouse the minister of Westmount Park United Church, an immigrant from the United Kingdom, openly gay, and a Green and progressive Christian.

Kim Neverson

me outside.png

Kim was born and raised in Montreal, and is a member of St James United Church.

Her work has focused on supporting First Nations health and social services organizations in the areas of accreditation, continuous quality improvement and community health planning.

Having the opportunity to learn about Indigenous cultures, history and teachings has been an eye-opening and enriching experience. It has been a continuous learning journey that has contributed to her holistic worldview.

Her graduate studies on people-centered approaches to social development further strengthened her beliefs in the importance of community-led planning, and of nurturing inclusion, partnership, collaboration and respect every step of the way.

Masoud Nasiry


Masoud is a multilingual and multicultural person and describes himself as an open and honest person.

He has been living in Montreal since 2020, and currently works as a construction project coordinator at one of the biggest companies in Montreal. He is also an entrepreneur as he owns a small business where he provided work opportunities to other Montrealers and newcomers.

Masoud Is committed to defending human rights and has experience working with the United Nations on several humanitarian projects.

Adedeji Sunday Akintayo

Adedeji Sunday Akintayo

Adedeji Sunday Akintayo, a native of Nigeria, was born into the Baptist church and later embraced the Pentecostal Christian movement in Nigeria.

His educational journey spans Nigeria, Ukraine, Lithuania, Portugal, and  Canada culminating in a Master of Business Informatics, a Bachelor of Business Management, and a Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning.. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Theology and Master of Divinity, he embarks on a new chapter dedicated to ordination in service to God and humanity. With a diverse background, Adedeji brings to the table experience in multicultural leadership, advocacy for anti-racism, and social justice. A devout follower of Christ, he is deeply engaged as a community activist and educator.


Alongside his partner, he nurtures four children, embodying his commitment to family and community. Driven by faith values, Adedeji's lifelong passion lies in justice-seeking and caring for people, aligning seamlessly with his new role at Montreal City Mission. Eagerly anticipating the opportunity to contribute, he looks forward to supporting the organization in its pursuit of growth and advocacy in a bold new chapter.

Madeleine Buck


Madeleine is a retired nurse and former Associate Professor at McGill University's Ingram School of Nursing.

She has passionately championed health equity and cultural humility within nursing education. Buck has also founded the McGill Nurses for Highlands Hope project , collaborating with Tanzanian nurses to uplift health promotion in remote rural areas.

A dedicated community member, Madeleine also played a pivotal role in launching the Milton Parc Housing Cooperative movement.

Julia Green

Julia Picture.jpeg

Julia Green is a lawyer and a member of St. James United Church who has worked in refugee and immigrant support for most of her adult life. She is committed to increasing access to justice and has a strong belief in making sure that vulnerable populations in her community are getting the services they need. She hails from the Greater Toronto Area but has spent time living in France, the Northwest Territories, Japan, Ottawa, Kenya, and most recently Mexico City. She has been involved as a volunteer with MCM since she arrived in Montreal in 2018, and is thrilled to be continuing as a member of the board.  


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