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Our Mission

For 110+ years, MCM has been committed to helping vulnerable members of society integrate meaningfully into their communities.

Our Vision

Compassion, hospitality & justice

Our Mission

Everyone has a right to authentic community — MCM facilitates the journey from exclusion to community

Our S.A.G.E Framework

Montreal City Mission is currently developing a new SAGE model of social action and presence that is creating a ripple effect in our own community of friends and beyond.


SAGE stands for ‘service’, ‘advocacy’, ‘gathering’ and ‘eunioa’ with all of our programs and projects echoing these different elements.


We undertake to create opportunities for service that are characterized by respect, understanding, excellence, and inclusion as well as opportunities for inter-cultural and inter-generational relationships


We see advocacy as an essential part of what we do… Bearing public witness to the injustices and struggles of the people we serve


MCM’s community of friends seeks to gather regularly to advance the work of the Mission and to build a sense of eunoia. These gatherings bring together newcomers, Canadians, staff, students, volunteers and MCM supporters for activities in house and in the wider community


We are choosing to name the resulting spirit or culture of the SAGE Mission with the ancient Greek word eunoia, translated variously as “beautiful thinking,” “being of good mind about others,” and “the beginnings of friendship.” This is our understanding of the life affirming and enriching potential of participation in a SAGE Mission.

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