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Green SAGE Vert

Green SAGE is an offshoot, or tendril, of MCM’s framework for mission and social action called SAGE, whose broad theological aim is to Live with Respect in Creation, and from which is gleaned its mission of ecological care.

The Green SAGE Vert Program is supported by the United Church of Canada Foundation

SAGE describes an approach to social action — in particular, work with refugees and citizens of various Faiths — with Friendship at the root of its mission, fulfilled through four interrelated paths:


SERVICE, provided to those who are marginalized and face exploitation.


ADVOCACY, through bearing public witness and helping to tell the stories of those we serve. 

GATHERING, where newcomers, diverse publics, volunteers, and community and staff members can learn, work, celebrate, eat, and act with each other.


EUNOIA, the beginnings, or seeds, of friendship, experienced in gathering together to serve, to learn, and to advocate.


Implementing the SAGE framework is an exercise in nurturing, little by little, a “community of friends,” where Friendship is an experience shared by people of all faiths and no faith — an experience of difference, and a language spoken by everyone.

Green SAGE Vert October 2020
Green SAGE Vert February 2021
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