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Awards and Recognitions

MCM continues to work hard to serve our community. It is with gratitude that we share our awards and recognitions throughout the years. 

MCM was selected for the 2022 CBC Charity of the Year.

Alongside the Townshippers Foundation, MCM was recognised for the difference we make in communities by easing social integration through our various programs.

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Charity of the Year Award
MCM Executive Director with award in 2010

In 2010 MCM received the Prix Québécois de la citoyenneté for intercultural rapprochement.

This prize is awarded by the Government of Québec to individuals, enterprises and organizations to highlight and honour their commitment and contribution to making Québec a more pluralistic and inclusive society where people can live together in peace and harmony.

MCM received the Community Organization Award from the Montreal Community Cares Foundation in 2018.

This is awarded to recognize community champions actively involved in making Montreal a better place to live and work.

MCM staff with Community Organization Award
MCM Supervising Lawyer Rick Goldman

MCM supervising lawyer, Rick Goldman, was awarded a Doctor of Divinity (honoris causa) in 2014 by the United Theological Seminary, for his life-long dedication and commitment to assisting refugees and vulnerable migrants.

He was also awarded the Médaille de Saint-Yves, Pro Bono Québec in 2013 and the Obiter Dictim Award (for advancement of immigration law), Association québécoise des avocats et avocates en droit de l’immigration in 2013.

CBC News named our very own Anwar Alhjooj as the Montrealer of the Month in December 2020.

This recognition is chosen by CBC to applaud an active member in society making a positive impact and difference in their community.

MCM Coordinator Anwar Alhjooj
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