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MCM engages in research projects with academic partners that allow us to improve programs and effect policy change.

Evaluation of Women Weaving their Dreams Cohort 1 by former MCM staffer Andrea Dawes when she was an MPA candidate at San Francisco State (2018)

Exploring belonging: Experiences of refugee children and families in Camp Cosmos ; Funded by the Child & Youth Refugee Research Coalition (CYRRC) at Dalhouise University; Lead Researcher: Nicole Ives, PhD, McGill University School of Social Work (2019)

Exploring belonging: Experiences of refugee children and families in Camp Cosmos Phase 2 check-in report with Kassandra Gilmore, Concordia HR; (currently underway)

Access to Mental Health for Refugee Newcomers, McGill University Social Work, MCM Assistant Director, Anwar Aljooj; (currently underway)

COVID-19 and Refugee Families in Montreal: Strategies for reaching hard-to-reach populations in health emergencies 2020-21 MCGill, MCM Intercultural assistant, Arwa Nofal, (currently underway)

Online Resources

Here. you can access a variety of online educational resources across our website for information and further details about the Canadian law, refugee rights, and humanitarian immigration.

Staff members at our legal clinics constantly work on gathering, compiling and popularizing legal information its users need to know and gain access to for humanitarian immigration purposes.

All our educational resources will gradually be released and made available in this section. Please get in touch with us at the clinics if you cannot find the answer to your specific questions here or if you need assistance.

This project is funded by the BINAM and City of Montreal :


In the Spring of 2020 MCM law intern, Kelsey Ayow organized two online legal workshops for the Beaconsfield United Church Women's Collective on family law and domestic violence as well as general rights and responsibilities of refugees and immigrants, with over 100 participants in each workshop!


Many thanks to Kelsey, her fellow McGill law student Robyn McDougal as well as refugee and immigration lawyer Daniela Dobrota.


Intended for refugee claimants and their service providers, the Refugee Hearing Preparation Guide is updated regularly.


The French version was reviewed by our Clinics Coordinator Olga Houde in 2020.


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