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Danaides Project

Diversity without Discrimination

The 'Danaides Project: Diversity without Discrimination', whose name pays homage to the myth of the first migrant women, is a new initiative. The project aims to document, mobilise, and advocate for unhindered access to legal services, as well as the regularisation of status for undocumented individuals, and those with precarious status. 

Project Overview

The Danaides project focuses on addressing the challenges faced by people who are often overlooked or stigmatised. It encompasses an awareness-raising and advocacy campaign, a research project on access to justice, and securing funding to enhance the clinic's capacity.

In an increasingly critical context, where public discourse is often undermined by prejudice and a lack of understanding of the reality experienced by the migrant population, the Danaides Project seeks to create a platform for and by this population. Our goal is to encourage the sharing of knowledge and stories to enhance understanding of issues related to humanitarian immigration.


We firmly believe that fostering healthy communication, attentive listening, and understanding others are all crucial elements for enhancing the lives of the population we serve, as well as improving public policies and promoting societal well-being and social inclusion.

3 Main Objectives

The core values we aim to instill in this project are reflected in our three main objectives:

Raising awareness about prejudices, myths, and discrimination against im/migrants;

Identifying obstacles and improving access to justice for im/migrants with precarious or undocumented status;

Urging the federal government to implement an inclusive regularisation program, promised in 2021, that eliminates precarious situations linked to immigration status.

The Danaides Project is part of a broader initiative to deepen the impact of our legal clinics’ work.
This includes:


our human capacity to respond to pressing and growing needs


a research project on access to justice to identify the main obstacles for undocumented individuals, and those with precarious status


an advocacy project to produce effective and sustainable changes, in order to create a justice system and public policies that respond to the needs and challenges of the migrant community

With the support of

Screenshot 2024-03-14 103635.png

The Danaïdes team took part in the General Consultation on the MIFI Consultation Book ( La planification de l’immigration au Québec pour la période 2024-2027). Here is the paper submitted and presented to the Quebec National Assembly in September 2023.

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