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MCM offers two legal clinics; Just Solutions for vulnerable migrants, and the Roger Snelling Senior's Clinic for people over 55 years of age. 

just solutions legal clinic

About the clinic

The Just Solutions Legal Clinic provides free legal information and assistance, rights advocacy and accompaniment to vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals in the domain of refugee and immigration law. Just Solutions is the only clinic of its kind in Quebec, and has developed a solid reputation as an important access to justice initiative in this domain. A large proportion of our target population cannot afford, or are denied, the kinds of services Just Solutions provides.

Who we help

The majority of the people we assist are vulnerable migrants and other newcomers with a precarious immigration status. We also help social and health professionals and community workers understand their clients' immigration situations.

How we help

Individual consultations:


We offer individual consultations on the following subjects:

  • Refugee claim process and recourses following a refusal (including humanitarian and compassionate applications for permanent residence)

  • Family reunification applications for accepted refugees

  • Sponsorship breakdowns due to domestic violence

  • Rules governing permanent residence applications in the above categories


Please note that a fee will apply to filling in certain forms (some exceptions apply). Please call us for details.


If we do not offer the particular service you need or you are not part of our target population, we can refer you to the appropriate resource (legal representation, assistance filling in forms, apartment and job search services, emergency food and shelter, etc).

We do not provide help with the following services:

  • Provide information on economic immigration applications (skilled worker, temporary foreign worker)

  • Represent clients before any tribunals or courts of law

  • Provide assistance with filling in forms (some exceptions apply)

How to contact us

The clinic does not accept drop-in clients. It is obligatory that you call or e-mail to make an appointment before coming to the clinic. 
Phone: (514) 844-9128,  ext. 204
Hours of Operation: Monday – Tuesday – Thursday 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

A learning opportunity...

Just Solutions is also a teaching environment. Our team includes student interns from McGill University and Université de Montréal studying Law, Social Work, or Medicine. Their casework is guided and informed by the clinic’s coordinator and our supervising lawyer.

Our impact in 2018

436 clients

3 555 consultations

33.5% of clients had either a mental or physical health concern

25% were victims of domestic violence

16.5% were single parent households

Roger Snelling Senior's Legal Clinic

About the clinic

The Roger Snelling Clinic: Mobile Legal Services for Seniors is a free legal information clinic that specializes in information and services in immigration and administrative law to a low-income immigrant population aged 55 and up, as well as Canadian born seniors. The Clinic uses an interdisciplinary approach in resolving their clients' issues and relies on the support of social workers, doctors and other community workers.

The Clinic was created as a response to the greater vulnerability of elderly migrants and other seniors, with the objective of increasing their autonomy and their establishment in their chosen community. The Clinic also aims to participate in the development of the field of elder law, with special attention to the unique situations faced by elders with a migrant background.

Who we help

The Clinic provides services to people aged 55 and up with an immigrant background, irrespective of their status in Canada. Its clientele is equally divided between people with a precarious immigration status and Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

How we help

Immigration law:

  • Refugee Claim Process

  • Sponsorships / Humanitarian & Compassionate Application for Permanent Residence

  • Permanent Residence

  • Citizenship Applications

Administrative law:

  • Access to Health Care (including long-term housing)

  • Provincial & Federal Pensions


Housing law:

  • Family Law & Personal Status

  • Divorce

  • Access to grandchildren

  • Legal Capacity (Power of Attorney)

How to contact us

It is mandatory that you call or e-mail to make an appointment before coming to the clinic. The clinic does not accept drop-in visits.


The Clinic provides information by phone or by appointment. The office is located on the third floor of St. James's United Church, and is not wheel-chair accessible. If you cannot come to the clinic because of a handicap, a home visit will be arranged.

Phone: (514) 844-9128,  ext. 204
Hours of Operation: Monday – Tuesday – Thursday 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

The legacy of Roger Snelling

Roger Snelling was the former director of MCM and a highly dedicated activist who touched countless lives. He was tenacious and was guided by his faith and social justice values. The Clinic seeks to honour his memory by continuing to serve the communities he was so committed to.

Our impact in 2018

88 clients

505 consultations

22.5% of clients originally from Sub-Saharan Africa

18% of clients were without status

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