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Everyone has a right to authentic community — MCM facilitates the journey from exclusion to community. We acheive our mission through a unique model of social action called SAGE. That stands for ‘Service’, ‘Sdvocacy’, ‘Gathering’ and ‘Eunioa’ (Greek word meaning friendship or positive thinking). 


1910 - 2020

110 years of new beginnings...



Due to Covid-19 our offices are presently closed and our staff are working remotely. Our in person gatherings and activities have all been postponed indefinitely. We are working hard behind the scenes. Our 


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OUR programs

Legal Clinics

MCM offers two legal clinics; Just Solutions for vulnerable migrants, and the Roger Snelling Senior's Clinic for people over 55 years of age.

Maa'n / Together

This program aims to facilitate integration of newcomers, no matter their background, through concrete skills-building  and inter-cultural partnerships.

Kids Zone

This dynamic program includes programmin both for families, such as group activities, as well as French tutoring and music for children and teens.

Camp Cosmos

Camp Camp has been offering a fun and educational summer experience for low income and refugee children for over 40 years!

Community Connections

This program is a mix of our public outreach and advocacy, as well as our gatherings centered on shared conversation and food.

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