…a MCM program initiated in the wake of the Syrian refugee crises that aims to facilitate integration of all newcomers whatever their origin through concrete projects and inter-cultural partnerships.


Our wider community gathers each year in the spring and winter to celebrate diverse cultural holidays. Old contacts are renewed and new friends are made while enjoying a delicious banquet, learning about MCM projects and sharing stories.

 Conversations with Muslims

In the wake of the massacre at the Grande Mosquée, this iniative began in 207, MCM joined with McGill University to create a space of dilaogue between loal Montrealers and those of the Islam faith in an effort to raise awareness of Islam and debunk stereotypes.

Women Weaving their Dreams – Vers un souffle nouveau
The approach of this new project is holistic - placing the emphases on building confidence, a sense of belonging and a positive attitude - all of which will facilitate language learning and ensure a successful integration process. The first cohort began in 2017 at the community centre in Ville St-Laurent with a series of workshops on loss/grief/healing. An informal network of mutual support and sharing via What’s Up was quickly formed by the women. Cohort 1 has moved on to job training and exploring volunteer and employment opportunities while Cohort 2 – a second group meeting at St. James United – was formed in 2018.

Blue Metropolis Literary Festival
The MCM network of newly arrived friends is overflowing with talent. And one of the fastest ways to integrate a new society is to be offered a space for give back and feel appreciated. To that end we have established an exciting partnership with the iconic, international Montreal Blue Met Festival and in 2017 & 2018 were able to showcase refugee rappers, poets, dancers and a calligrapher. To underscore its 20th anniversary in 2018, Blue Met invited MCM to collaborate on a special anniversary book with photos and testimonies from the MCM community.

Zone Ado
A new partnership was established in 2017-18 with École Louis Joseph Papineau in the St-Michel brough to provide hip hop workshops (break dancing, beat boxing and rap) to 30 new students in the welcoming classes (classes d’accueil).

Every Kid Jam
Space for local and refugee youth to connect, play music, dance and plan activities together. With minimum participation on the part of MCM staff, this informal network has taken rot and now the ado organize their own activities as well. A mixture of English, French, Korean, Spanish and Arabic is spoken as this multi-cultural group discovers Montreal and each other. Some of the youth also volunteer at MCM events and work at Camp Cosmos as counselors-in-training.

Anwar Alhjooj

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