The Roger Snelling Clinic: Mobile Legal Services for Seniors is a free legal information clinic that specializes in information and services in immigration and administrative law to a low-income immigrant population aged 55 and up, as well as Canadian born seniors. . The Clinic uses an interdisciplinary approach in resolving their clients' issues and relies on the support of social workers, doctors and other community workers.

The Clinic was created as a response to the greater vulnerability of elderly migrants and other seniors, with the objective of increasing their autonomy and their establishment in their chosen community. The Clinic also aims to participate in the development of the field of elder law, with special attention to the unique situations faced by elders with a migrant background.

The Clinic welcomes students and volunteers from McGill's Faculty of Law and School of Social Work, and from the Law, Social Work and Medicine faculties of Université de Montréal.

The current coordinator is Olga Houde.


The Clinic provides services to people aged 55 and up with an immigrant background, irrespective of their status in Canada. Its clientele is equally divided between people with a precarious immigration status and Canadian citizens and permanent residents.


Immigration Law

Refugee Claim Process
Humanitarian & Compassionate Application for Permanent Residence
Permanent Residence
Citizenship Applications

Administrative Law

Access to Health Care (including long-term housing)
Provincial & Federal Pensions

Housing Law

Family Law & Personal Status
Access to grandchildren
Legal Capacity (Power of Attorney)

The Clinic also provides free workshops in the above-mentioned subjects to interested organizations serving elders or elder groups or associations. To schedule a workshop, please contact Olga Houde at (514) 844-9128, ext.206 .

The Clinic provides information by phone or by appointment. Please note that the Clinic is located on the third floor of St. James's United Church, and is not wheel-chair accessible. If you cannot come to the clinic because of a handicap, a home visit will be arranged.


Please note that the Clinic do not accept walk-ins. You must call or email beforehand to schedule an appointment.

Phone: (514) 844-9128, ext. 204
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our address:

1435, City Councillors
St. James United Church, suite 301

Métro McGill or Place-des-Arts

The Clinic is open for appointments on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday.