What is a Pre-Authorized Remittance?
Pre-authorized remittances are an alternative way of making regular, reliable donations to the organization of your choice.  The United Church of Canada administers a program through which you can make pre-authorized remittances through your bank account) to Montreal City Mission. 
Pre-authorized remittances are convenient for the donor, and supply a reliable income to Montreal City Mission.  A brochure on the advantages of pre-authorized remittances is available from the United Church of Canada and can be sent to you by Montreal City Mission.
Are there fees?
There are no set-up fees.  Individual donors are charged their normal debit fees by their bank.  The cost of the program to Montreal City Mission is 50c per person per month. 
How is the charitable receipt administered?
You will receive one tax-deductible receipt at the end of each year for the full amount of your donation. 
How do I become a PAR donor?
Please click here to view and print the registration form (in PDF format).  Please return it to us by mail, with a void cheque from the appropriate account.