Living Gifts

What is a Living Gift?

A Living Gift is a way to honour a person you care about by giving a gift that supports a social cause. This gift represents services or goods you buy from a charitable organization in lieu of a material gift for friends and loved ones.

Give a Living Gift to one of our program areas!

Just Solutions Clinic & the Seniors’ Mobile Legal Clinic

$10, 15$, 20$, Food coupon for emergency food needs
$25.50 Pack of 10 bus tickets to allow clients to come to appointments or staff & students to do home visits
$150 Processing fees for a child for a permanent residence application based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds

Camp Cosmos:

$25.50 Metro tickets for a camp group to go on an outing
$40 1 week at camp for 1 child
$40 1 trip to the beach for 15 campers
$45 1 music workshop for a camp group
$80 1 day at camp for a child with special needs
Every Kid Choir:
$15 1 t-shirt with EKC logo
$30 Honorarium for our accompanist for 1 concert

How to send a living gift:

Choose a gift from the options above & send a check for the amount of your gift to Montreal City Mission, 1435 City Councillors, Montreal, Qc H3A 2E4. Please include a note containing the following information:

  • name of the person you wish to give the gift to and for what occasion
  • your name, telephone number and mailing address

You will promptly receive the following from us:

  • a thank-you letter and a tax-deductible receipt for the full amount of your gift
  • a greeting card & certificate which you will then personally give or send to the recipient