Funding the Vision 

Dear friend

Without your support…

…the last safety net for many people facing deportation to a dangerous situation would disappear. Our Just Solutions Legal Information and Accompaniment Clinic (JS) is the only non-profit clinic of its kind in Quebec. In 2017, we responded to families in need with over 4,000 consultations and were able to provide close accompaniement and follow up to 351 clients.

Without your support….

…many families would never be reunited. Mothers and fathers who had no choice but to leave their children behind as they fled persecution, encounter overwhelming hurdles in their efforts to reunite with their family. We take on the kind of complex and challenging family reunification cases that no other service will accept – cases that would require exorbitant legal fees that are out of reach for these families.

Without your support…

…many immigrant seniors would remain isolated. They would not have access to the information, assistance and patience required to resolve the legal issues they face: pension, immigration, housing etc. Our new Seniors’ Mobile Legal Clinic is the only clinic of its kind in Quebec with the unique mandate of reaching out to immigrant seniors caught in these challenging situations. In providing home visits, a listening presence and invaluable expertise, the SMLC team takes a holistic approach to integrating some of the most vulnerable Quebec seniors into a network of support and caring.

Without your support....

…the next generation of refugee and seniors' rights advocates would not have the opportunity to gain the invaluable hands-on and eye-opening experience that our student interns tell us is the highlight of their degree, time and time again.

Without your support…

…downtown Montreal would be a ‘no kid zone’ in the summertime. Camp Cosmos is the only camp of its kind in the inner-city core – accessible / multi-cultural / inclusive. We reach out to children from immigrant, refugee, First Nations and low income backgrounds, including those with special needs, and focus on the environment, athletics, science, music and much more. Young counselors in training (14-17) from the same background, who might otherwise be idle during the summer months, gain precious job experience and grow in self-confidence.

All of MCM's programs make a real difference for countless individuals. Hope is rekindled for:

a life lived in safety

a life lived with the love of family

a life with opportunities for growth

a life with a chance to give back to the city and society that welcomes them

Please consider making a donation today so that this vital work may continue. Your support is what keeps us going, and what allows us, and the people we serve, to embrace the future with excitement and optimism.

Yours in peace

Rev. Paula Kline